Топ-100 Arda on the media agenda

Arda on the media agenda

Famous football player leaves forever?..

In the media talks about that Arda broke Berkai's nose, and he at the hospital threatened everyone with a pistol.But, according to Arda, he lost his temper with black PR. Since he was slandered in the presence of a pregnant wife. As if he wanted to flirt with Berkay's girl. Therefore, he could not restrain himself.
Naturally, A. Turan should not have done this, whatever it was. However, it is also not a secret that lately Arda’s financial position, his wealth has often been discussed in the Turkish media. Who knows, maybe all this was a "conspiracy" against Arda. We'll see, time will tell.
Meanwhile, Arda asked for forgiveness from the club Basaksehr, where he plays football.
Really, does a famous football player leaves a green lawn forever?


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