Топ-100 Shukhrat Barlas: According to Russians, Asians were uncultured and illiterate

Shukhrat Barlas: According to Russians, Asians were uncultured and illiterate

 Or there is a danger to the security of sovereign republics.
Our guest the famous historian and publicist Shukhrat Salamov (Barlas)

Continuation (Part II)
C: Let's talk about the socio-political situation of the Turkic world. We believe that historians can play an important role in coordinating relations between the Turkic people. However, it is clear that it is still difficult for historians to share this responsibility. Isn't that right?
Sh.B: Historians who have Turkic sincerity and Turkic thinking have done a lot to preserve the cultural and political heritage of their ancestors and the historical memory of the younger generation. Thanks to their hard work today we confidently enter into polemics with any author who denies or reinterprets the Turkic history.
Yes, today would not hurt to improve the current socio-political state of the Turkic world. Naturally, you can even criticize. But it is also necessary to have the skill to face the truth.
It should be noted that for a clear understanding of the nature of the problems associated with the current spiritual and socio-political state of the Turkic world, it is necessary to understand and weigh the real situation. To soberly assess their position, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the existing atmosphere that has developed over the centuries against the Turkic world.
The discourse about the past and the awareness of the present state independence, which the Turks dreamed of, create a taste of personal freedom in practice, in words and thoughts. Is it not for this that history is being studied? Let everyone judge according to their conscience!
С: With the advent of the Russian Empire in the khanates of Turkestan, slavery was abolished, and during the Soviets the struggle against illiteracy gave positive results. What do you think about this side of historical realities?
Sh.B: The motives of forcible conquest of the territory of the states of Central Asia by the Russian empire and the Bolsheviks were from the genre of "romance". According to them, Asians were allegedly uncultured and illiterate. But they marked their presence in the region "civilizing".
The false message of the colonialists was that prior to the colonization of Turkestan, allegedly the local people did not have a national self-conscience. This, to put it mildly, is a lie and an insult to people who have a centuries-old written history and culture.
After all, it is no secret that Turkestan, long before its conquest by the Russian Empire, was known for its centuries-old great culture and art, science and literature, outstanding scientists, poets, statesmen, architecture and magnificent cities.
Indeed, in Turkestan there lived and worked pleiads of such great cultural and science figures as Al-Khorezmi, Biruni, Abu Ali ibn Sina, Mahmud Kashgari, Al-Farabi, Al-Fergani, Ulugbek, Navoi, Babur and many other famous personalities.
Until the restoration of independence of Uzbekistan, people did not know their great scientists and thinkers. Was unknown that a lot of genius from Central Asia made their significant contribution to the treasury of world civilization. They were among the creators of human values. Their scientific discoveries are still used by scientists all of the world. But, unfortunately, these facts, which were known all over the world, which would serve for the emergence and strengthening of the self-consciousness of the Turks, were a secret for them. Instead, the trumped-up thesis “The Russian Empire saved Turkestan from the slave system” was pumped over. Even this lie was included in the curriculum of Soviet history. But in fact, the colonialists and their supporters instead of freeing the population of Turkestan from slavery, on the contrary, de jure and de facto documented the official slavery of the local residents. Thus, they humiliated the national dignity of the people of Central Asia.
C: What can you say about the Soviet period in Uzbekistan?
Sh.B: According to the Bolsheviks, during the Soviet system, all residents of historical Turkestan were equal and free, regardless of their origin, nationality, religious or other affiliation. To implement this Bolshevik “show” of equality, even fictitious “free” republics were created. But in reality, this independence was not genuine, and these republics did not have political freedom. These republics were not members and subjects of the international law. Simply, in the face of the fake republics, the Bolshevik project embodied neo-colonialism in a new form.
In fairness, we note that not only the people of Uzbekistan suffered from the Black-Hundred Bolshevik national policy. The damage and ruthless extermination were committed over all the peoples of the former Russian Empire. Apparently, for this reason, this historical period in the official historiography of the Republic of Uzbekistan is estimated as “the Soviet colonial period”.
C: But many believe that during the USSR was better than now. You do not think so?

Sh.B: You can talk about it all your life. But, if shortly, perhaps someone lived happily during the colonial Soviet regime. Even if a kilogram of meat costed 1.62, and a bottle of vodka 4 rubles. But it should be noted that there are human norms and the notion of humanism. Not a single cheap product, even scientific, technical and agricultural achievements, elevated above the blood of innocently killed babies, women and old people, can not serve as an argument to justify a crime against humanity.
In the days of colonial oppression and Bolshevik arbitrariness, many people experienced equality, happiness and benefits for the “natives” and “foreigners”. To this day, some of them cannot recover from this "happiness." By the way, it is this state of people that is the result of subversion in the modern information war, where a false idea is used that is intended for the ideological and spiritual basis of the enemy.
It should be noted that there are certain circles who are trying to use historical science as a tool in their geopolitical games. Sitting far away from us, they use various political technologies to manipulate the minds of citizens of independent citizens. Thus, they try to form a tragedy in minds of the people as a happiness.
C: But still, during the USSR, Uzbekistan was one of the self-sufficient Republics. That is, there were changes for the better.
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