Топ-100 Is Arda Turan waiting for prison?

Is Arda Turan waiting for prison?

Money penalty from Basaksehir.

As is well known last week, Arda Turan with his scandal was on the media agenda.
And today, the prosecutor demanded a sentence to a football player for a term of from three to twelve years in prison.
On the other hand, the club Turana Bashaksehir fined him 2.5 million Turkish liras. But that's not all, according to the results of the trial, he is still waiting for severe punishment.
In fairness it must be said that the pressure of the Turkish media led to the fact that the athlete made such a mistake.
Apparently, Turkey is losing a star, which played even in the club "Barcelona".
By the way, the prosecutor also demanded that the singer Berkay should be sentenced to two years in prison who provoked Ardu for a fight.


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