Топ-100 Shukhrat Barlas: The Turkic world needs a single ideology

Shukhrat Barlas: The Turkic world needs a single ideology

Or why the history of the Türks was presented in favor of the Indo-European trend?
Yesterday was the birthday of the famous Uzbek historian Shukhrat Salamov.
We congratulated him on his birthday, found time to discuss actual problems of the Turkic world.
It seems to us that the conversation with Shukhrat Barlas was very interesting and comprehensive. Therefore, we decided to publish an interview in parts, so as not to miss the smallest details, but also not to bore our readers.
Thus, our guest today is the famous Uzbek historian and publicist Shukhrat Salamov (Barlas).
Introducing the first part of the conversation.

C: Shuhrat Bey, to put it briefly, what does the Turkic world mean to you?
Sh.B: For me personally, this is "My World."

C: Do you think the Turkic diasporas were able to unite, if not, why? Let's not forget that everyone has their own problems. In this sense, is there mutual understanding?
Sh.B: Of course, there are problems in the field of education, economics and life. There are also regional conflicts. In this regard, many Turks are trying to understand each other’s problems and also assist in their resolution. Also enjoy the achievements of each other. But unfortunately, we have not systematically united in a single force against the problems. We could not rally against non-friendly forces. In a word, we could not create consolidation, in world politics, in the humanitarian sphere and in the economy. I think that this is most likely due to the lack of a single conglomerate of Turkic peoples of the world. Therefore, we need to create a single ideology that would unite us.
C: What do you mean by a single ideology?
Sh.B:Turan ...
Why not? For example, we can at least start with the sport. In international competitions, we can participate the same team and under one united flag. I understand that there will be huge obstacles. But no matter what, we must try to implement this idea. I think that above the Turk is only holy Heaven, and below only mother Land, and not someone or some kind of nation! As you can see, this is not racism. In general, racism is alien to Turkic thinking.
C: What is the negative role of politicians in the unification of the Turkic world? Maybe people lack knowledge of common culture and history?
Sh.B: Not a negative role, but carelessness and inattention to their own history and culture. But d’not matter, as a result, barriers are created for the cultural, political and economic unification of the Turks around the world.
I would say that national self-conscience for some people is only an echo of the past. The reason is quite simple. As is known, the colonialists first of all try to scientifically declare their conquest. And then they begin to sow discord between people in order to divide the local peoples into hostile groups. That is, as in the politics of the ancient Romans, "divide and rule." And all this is done by manipulating the human mind, as well as through deception and bribery. In this way, false ideas about colonial politics are created in people's minds.
And when sophisticated methods "eat up" the local intelligentsia, in general, the enslavement of people becomes in a deplorable state ...
This is the main essence of any colonial policy.
C: If we talk concrete, what are the real problems of Turkish history?
Sh.B: The Turkic history, which is taught in official educational institutions in many countries, is a falsified history. Many historical facts are removed from the Turkic historical context. For many years, scholars from most countries of the world have donated the Turkic history to outdated Indo-European theses.
Since the beginning of the era of colonial conquests, European scientists began to invent various hypotheses, theories, terms, and postulates in order to legitimize their occupation in Asia and Africa. In particular, such concepts as “Aryan theory”, “Aryan people”, “Indo-Aryans”, Eurocentrism, “Indo-European language”, etc. were used against the Turkic history.
In a word, such concepts as “Aryan theory”, “Aryan peoples”, “Indo-European languages”, “Indo-Aryan peoples”, “Eurocentrism” etc. became ostensibly scientifically valid postulates to justify colonialism. Speaking in today's language, “Aryan theory” was the most fashionable hobby of the then scholars.
The false interpretation of historical events, the interpretation of the historical problems of the Turks in favor of the Aryan and Indo-European theory had a tremendous negative impact to the mind of the Turks. It is not strange that all this was used and is still used as a tool or as a systemic mechanism for mankuritization of the Turks.
C: Let's talk about the socio-political situation of the Turkic world. We believe that historians can play an important role in coordinating relations between the Turkic people. However, it is clear that it is still difficult for historians to share this responsibility. Isn't that right?
Continued in the next posting...


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