Топ-100 Shukhrat Barlas: We are currently working on a script for a feature film with companions from fraternal countries

Shukhrat Barlas: We are currently working on a script for a feature film with companions from fraternal countries

Studying historical events, clearly and concretely we are obliged to realize that evil comes from the enemy of mankind...
Our guest- the famuos historian and publicist Shukhrat Salamov (Barlas)
Continuation (V part)

C: What is the most important problem for Uzbekistan today? And how is solving this complexity?
Sh.B: Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the day when we regained our independent statehood. Our ancestors dreamed of seeing and feeling this sacred day, for the sake of which they fought, and with honor for their Motherland gave their lives. Someone just did not give us freedom on a platter. For more than a century our people fought for state independence. The struggle for independence did not stop and did not stand on one phase, fighting, bloody clashes, the ideological, political and sociocultural struggle for freedom continued until we regained our independence in 1991. It is this path of our ancestors that we must realize and understand. The difficult historical path traversed by our people is an eternal and unquenchable symbol of honor and dignity for those who honor the memory of those who fell in the struggle for the freedom and independence of the motherland!
In Uzbekistan, there are no unsolved problems of domestic, regional and global scale. All citizens of the world have domestic and everyday problems. After the restoration of state independence, new challenges appeared before our people; now each of us in our field of work is working to establish the ideals of our own freedom and independence of the Motherland.
C: How does Uzbekistan relate to its neighbors and what is the state ideology in modern Uzbekistan?
Sh.B: The people and the Government of Uzbekistan, while restoring the independence of the Uzbek statehood, did not make plans to seize foreign territory and oppress other peoples based on fairy tales and legends. The Uzbek people to this day remain a supporter of universal values ​​and a loyal supporter of the ideals of kindness and love between nations.
The idea of ​​national independence of Uzbekistan firmly stands on the principles of interethnic and interfaith tolerance. Therefore, every citizen of Uzbekistan, regardless of nationality, has the moral and legal right to say “my people and our people” about the inhabitants of their homeland.
In Uzbekistan, respect, the level of significance of a person and human intelligence are not measured by racial, national or religious affiliation. The Uzbek mentality does not perceive ethnic antagonism. The basis of the Uzbek national mentality consists of feelings of love and compassion for the person, not for the nation.
It should be noted that, regardless of nationality, because of Hitler, we will not hate the German, because of the prophet Muhammad, we will not grovel before an Arab,for the poems of Omar Khayyam, we will not idolize the Persian. For an ordinary Uzbek, no matter who belongs to which nation, the person who is in happiness and in sorrow with him goes along in life is dear to him. In fact, it is pleasant for each person to have a friend and a spiritually close person nearby.
Traditional cultural, language identification and citizenship are completely different concepts. It is just necessary to understand and agree that the creators and subjects of international law are states, not nations. That is why since 1991, all nations living in Uzbekistan have become one people. For example, if a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a Papuan, Armenian or Russian, what should the political position of foreign states such as Papua New Guinea, Armenia and the Russian Federation be for him, and what about these states? After all, its homeland is Uzbekistan.
Representatives of various faiths and more than 130 nationalities live in this fertile land. The principles of a single homeland for all the living nations and nationalities is unequivocal, Uzbekistan is the homeland of all those who live on the land of Uzbekistan.
The Uzbek people despite the tragic moments in history that had irreparable damage during the colonial period and the Bolshevik obscurantism still managed to preserve and convey to their children fraternal feelings and good relations with all the peoples of the world. Until the restoration of independence of Uzbekistan, all these feelings were instilled in the family.
Now, when we regained our independence, representatives of the education system and the patriotic intelligentsia are teaching the lessons of the past in the educational system in academic terms to the younger generation of modern Uzbekistan. The main goal of the education system and teachers of Uzbekistan is to form in the worldview of the younger generation feelings as national identity, loyalty to the Motherland, and preservation of good relations with fraternal and friendly nations. It is well known that all these feelings are closely connected with the ideals of universal human values ​​and these qualities are necessary for everyone who wants to make progressive changes in the socio-political life of not only his people, but also fraternal and friendly peoples.
C: Recently, Uzbekistan has achieved great success in relation to the common good of the Turkic world. What promises us in the future convergence of Uzbekistan with Turkey?
Sh.B: Only we can expect pleasant things and hope for the best. The rest of the time will tell.
С: In general, are you satisfied with the result?
Sh.B: No, not satisfied. Much more needs to be done for the common good.
C: Let's go back to the story, what are you working on at the moment?
Sh.B: We are working on the script of the film. Nowadays we are working on conceptualization of the scenario with friends and like-minded people from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. After we finish the work on the script, your resource will be one of the first to know about it. I promise you.
C: And in the end, what do you want to say to our readers?
Sh.B: It is possible to praise the nations, but you don't need to humiliate and to infringe their, because of this your nation will not be great!
The greatness of the people is not with flights to the moon or into space is achieved. Moreover, the greatness of the people is demonstrated not with the killing of children, old people, women for the sake of a utopian idea. Or greatness is not to exile a people to the concentration camps of death.
Greatness is not with the extermination of American Indians, Australian Aborigines. The end greatness is not to to commit two World Wars.
Only commitment and kindness to people confirm and prove the greatness of people.
To each his own, someone believes that the great nation who first otprayalaet the dog into space. Or someone considers a great nation that, despite martial law and not paying attention to historical enmity, is ready to protect thousands of women, children and old people of their enemies from death and adversity during wars..
There are many ordinary people in the world who, to this day, prove and show the whole world the greatness of their people by hard work and benevolence, and they are also happy. For when there is no misfortune, this is already happiness.
For someone great person is that, who for the sake of his satiety and vanity robbed both his own and other people.
And for someone great person is that, who fed from his table at least one hungry person for free.
Each individual has his own concepts of greatness.
Tastes do not argue, but we all must try to realize and accept one single truth:
“Regardless of the nation and religion, the mission of a person in this mortal world is the pursuit to the KIND, LOVE and KNOWLEDGE. This is the indisputable truth for all mankind. The rest of the earth, you can challenge, argue, criticize, find mistakes, etc. All these actions are human passions. "
Studying historical events, we must clearly and concretely realize that evil comes from the enemy of mankind. In all confessions of the world this formulation is available. evil can not be justified. The history of mankind does not forget, even after a thousand years with disdain will condemn inhumanity and barbarity.
I would like to convey these thoughts to those who wish to unite the Turks of the whole world.
C: Thanks for the interview…


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