Топ-100 Poroshenko in Istanbul

Poroshenko in Istanbul

The church of Ukraine became independent ...

The President of Ukraine is on an official visit to Turkey.
During the meeting with the President of Ukraine, regional problems and current world politics were discussed.
But meeting, the Petro Poroshenko to Fenersky Patriarch Bartholomeus attracted the most attention.
Inasmuch as that the President of Ukraine asked the Patriarch of Fener for independence from the Russian Church.
The Patriarch accepted the request of the head of the Ukrainian Republic.
Thus, the Ukrainian church becomes independent.
Moscow and the Russian Church already sharply responded to this request Poroshenko. Inasmuch as there is already a church in Ukraine, there is no need for a second such church.
But Ukraine claims that the Russian Church is engaged in politics, agitating the position of the Kremlin.


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