Топ-100 Turkey's decision is final

Turkey's decision is final

Bolton left, Pompey made a statement, Calin denied...

The visit of US National Security Advisor John Bolton to Turkey is over. Although Bolton was not accepted by the Turkish President, his meeting with colleagues lasted more than two hours. Already we can have a clear idea of ​​the results of the "persuasion" of the parties. Ibrahim Kalin, Chief Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey, said at a press conference that Ankara’s position has not changed.
At that time, another statement came from the other side of the ocean. US Secretary of State Pompey made a statement that Ankara already guarantees the security of the "Kurds" (in fact, the PKK, PYD-YPG). But the same moment Ibrahim Kalin with a clear language refuted this statement.
It seems that Bolton returned empty-handed to his country.
Meanwhile, the process of collecting forces belonging to the Turkish forces, to the east of the Euphrates continues.
President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated in his speech at the plenary session of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey that we suddenly enter...


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