Топ-100 Does "VAR" save football from disease?

Does "VAR" save football from disease?

...Or what did give the application of this technology in football?

Another football season ends slowly.
An important event of this year was the use of the VAR system in football.
Already with confidence we can say that there are different ideas about this technological system. Although the official position speaks about the advantages of the system, but the reality is different.
At the request of our website, a survey was conducted in 3 countries. The result is interesting: 64% of respondents in Italy, 56% in Spain and 47% in Turkey against VAR.
By the way, in these countries, VAR has a special place on the media agenda.
People believe that everything is connected with human nature. If the judges are immoral, their whistle may not sound at the right time and not fair. So, that VAR is not a salvation, but on the contrary, it just knocks football off the pace...

Elnur Aliyev


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