Топ-100 Passions run high, Ankara reacted sharply

Passions run high, Ankara reacted sharply

America is concerned, a large delegation on the way

As you know, Russia has already begun to deliver the S-400 to Turkey. And this greatly infuriated Washington. The White House, under the pressure of the Pentagon and the legislative body of this country, decided to suspend the sale of the F-35 and to remove Ankara from this project as a partner.
Ankara reacted harshly to this step of the United States.
There is also another reaction.
 The Kremlin immediately announced the delivery of the Su-57 in exchange for American military aircraft.
Minister of Defense Industry Ismail Demir approved by his statement the statement of Moscow. The minister said that Ankara has alternatives, and in the near future, Turkey itself will start producing its own fighters.
Also, Secretary of Defense Hulusi Acar said that this behavior of Washington could damage contacts between these countries, and in the future relations between the two states will deteriorate and it will be impossible to restore it.
Suddenly, yesterday the minister also stressed that Turkey is on the alert. At any moment, he may suddenly enter Syria, east of the Euphrates, where the US military is located, and they give instructions to the YPG terrorists. Recall that before this official Washington asked Ankara to give time for the withdrawal of the US military from the territory.
America immediately responded to this statement. It has already become clear that the delegation, headed by James Jeffrey, will arrive in Turkey on Monday.
What will be the outcome of the meeting, we, of course, will find out after the negotiations.


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