Топ-100 Veritable "claw" operation near at hand

Veritable "claw" operation near at hand

The entrance to the east of the Euphrates River is already inevitable.

As you know, after the S-400 crisis, relations between Turkey and the United States became worse than ever.

It was at this time that the Syrian issue was discussed by the parties.
On Monday this week, James Jeffrey was in Ankara. But at the same time, the American general visited the YPG terrorists in Syria.
Ankara did not ignore all this. This distracting tactic of Washington greatly angered Erdogan. Yesterday at a meeting of his party, he stated that the current situation makes inevitable entry into the Eastern Euphrates. The President also added that regardless of the results of the negotiations, the terrorists' shelter will definitely be cluttered.
As for the sanctions because of the C-400, then, apparently, Ankara is ready for this. Turkey is also ready to punish the West. Since the agreement to buy a Boeing aircraft is already under threat. And this is not lot, not little, somewhere over 100 pieces. In addition, there is a serious threat about the fall of the southern wing of NATO. And that is not all. Ankara has many shocking alternatives to the West.
In addition, if the Pentagon does not sell military aircraft F-35, Ankara can easily replace them with Su-57. Moscow also offers cooperation and joint production in military aviation. Apparently, although the weapon is in the hands of Washington, but the barrel is directed to America itself.
There are also financial and economic alternatives to save the lira and the domestic market. An alternative market for Ankara is Russia, the countries of the former Soviet Union, Asia, Africa and Latin America. In any case, the European market has long been unattractive for partners.
Thus, sanctions from the United States and Europe may worsen the situation in Turkey, but will not be able to bring it to its knees. But what will happen to Europe, time will tell.


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