Топ-100 Sahin Alioglu: Coronavirus is an operation to accumulate wealth through fear...

Sahin Alioglu: Coronavirus is an operation to accumulate wealth through fear...

Coronavirus is an operation to accumulate wealth through fear
-Mr. Shahin, you are one of those who are trying to comprehensively and correctly inform the public about this coronavirus pandemic.
- Thanks for the compliment. But these informations contains not only my work. There are also the efforts of a number of other specialists.
As for the coronavirus, once again, let's correctly determine the name of this phenomenon.
There is currently no pandemic or epidemic.
In fact, this is a state of psychosis around the coronavirus.
- Please explain in plain language. What do you mean by pandemic, epidemic and psychosis?
- Firstly, a pandemic and an epidemic are not a disease.
These concepts mean the distribution area of ​​the disease.
An epidemic is a significant increase in incidence.
A pandemic means its global nature.
As for psychosis, in this case, mental reactions do not correspond to the reality of life, that is, it is a form of mental disorder. In our example, people's mental reactions to coronavirus are very erroneous.
- How serious can the complications of this psychosis be?
- To answer this question extensively, we need a group of specialists, from doctors to a sociologist. I think that detailed information on the coronavirus and the unrest around it will be provided over the next 6 months.
-By the way, you had a live broadcast on Skype. Why skype? After all, could you attract more people on YouTube.
-You are absolutely right. In fact, video chat was planned for 20-22 people.
Why skype?
Because at this meeting it was planned to talk about statistics, about documents and about research technologies that,I think it would be tiring for the general public. Therefore, the need arose to contact only representatives of the media and those people who are active on social networks.
-Let's get back to theme.
In the end, what kind of coronavirus is it, have there been such cases before?
Why is the virus spreading now?
-History has witnessed many pandemics of infectious diseases. But this has always happened against the backdrop of economic crises and wars.
Let me give you an example. A similar pandemic was mentioned during the reign of the famous Byzantine emperor Justinian I in the sixth century AD. With the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and bloody wars over its lands, states in Europe, Asia and Africa collapsed and borders changed. The fear of a pandemic began to spread with the advent of the Great Byzantine Empire. This “pandemic” went down in history as the “Justinian Plague.”
Or the pandemic of the "inguinal plague" in Europe during the Hundred Years War (14-15 centuries-ed.), which for a long time kept people in fear.
I can give another example, during the First World War (1914-1918 - ed.) under the name of "Spanish plague" this coronavirus with all the "horror" faced humanity.
If to round off, according to the ancient Romans, this is nothing more than an act of accumulating wealth through fear.
-How would you relate this to our time?
The millennium did not start well for humanity. But it peaked in 2008.
2008 was a qualitatively new stage in local wars. At the same time, a major economic disaster began to knock on the door.
What happened from Russian intervention in Georgia to the "Arab spring" was part of a single process - the bloody struggle for a new world, a new market.
If we add to this the extreme corruption in countries, the picture is presented in all its horrors.
Although rumors of bribery spread throughout the post-Soviet countries, the disaster has shown itself in America.
In 2010, Haiti began to talk about the black cholera pandemic. But at that time, many economists still believed that there were "ways out" of the current economic crisis. Therefore, they remained silent about the Haitian crisis and the storm subsided.
- It turns out that the economic crisis is in terrible condition?
“According to  Iain Macleod, the world is facing stagflation.”
-What does it mean?
- Today's stagflation is the result of a “price shock”, stagnation of production, as well as unemployment and the addition of an additional mass of money the turnover.
- What price shock are you talking about?
- We can give an example of a sharp increase in oil prices. If you remember, this process began in the 2000s.
On February 29, 2008, for the first time in history, the price of Brent crude oil exceeded the milestone of $ 100.
July 4, 2008, Brent crude oil prices reached a historic high of $ 143.95.
But the onset of the global financial crisis of 2008 led to a collapse in prices - up to $ 33.73 (December 26).
- What do you mean by money issue?
I mean, to release additional money supply into circulation by central banks. But the money supply in the market should correspond to the mass of the goods.
- If this economic crisis has affected all countries, why do states react differently to coronavirus?
- This is due to differences in the economic difficulties of these countries.
-Although in some countries, governments help people with cash benefits...
- (Laughs).Who told you that assistance is provided in some countries?
In each country, the government can take certain steps for the sake of advertising, but in reality nothing is being done. If they had such power, financial power to provide this or that help, then there would be no need for this performance called "coronavirus"...
-When will the coronavirus plague end?
- Remember, there is no coronavirus pandemic. This is an exaggerated window dress to cover up the economic catastrophe.
A familiar Ukrainian doctor lives in Spain. I spoke with him shortly before you. He says the “disaster scenario” written about Spain in the press is completely fabricated. That is, the truth is hidden in another.
And so, when will this disaster end?
Several factors will play here:
- The level of economic crisis faced by countries and their financial situation;
- the amount of accumulated savings in the hands of people;
- resistance of the population to the government, to its call to "stay home", etc.
By the way, when people sit at home, the savings that have accumulated in their hands now return to circulation. In fact, this is also a financial measure to improve the current negative situation...


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