Топ-100 4D or parallel world: unbelievable or obvious

4D or parallel world: unbelievable or obvious

paralel world
Before starting the topic, it should be noted that this article is based on an analysis of the results of scientific research.
Everyone knows more or less about one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional systems. These systems are also known as 1D, 2D and 3D. But in order to understand 4D, we need to understand 1,2 and 3-dimensional systems.
From mathematics, we have information about the coordinate system (abscissa, ordinate and starting point).
In this system, a point indicates the origin, that is, a one-dimensional system (1D), and the X and Y axes form a two-dimensional system (2D).
The Z axis is used to create 3D, in other words, the Z axis is used to represent a three-dimensional object in a two-dimensional system.
For example, if we take a square as 2D, in the ternary system it will be a cube. Similarly, a triangle will be a pyramid when it moves from a two-dimensional system to 3D. Looking at the picture below, we can get a certain represent.

The human eye or brain functions in such a way that objects can be perceived as 2D and 3D. Thanks to this, we can depict 3D objects on 2D platforms (on paper, wood, etc.).
1D itself is a relatively abstract concept. However, it is perceived.
But on the basis of a two-dimensional system, it is generally impossible to understand a three-dimensional system (3D).
If a person lived in a 2D system, he could see only 2 sides of the 3D object. To see the third side, he will have to change the observation point.
Naturally, the same thing happens in the 3D system, and probably we can’t see the fourth side of 4D. Although using the capabilities of technology, now we can depict 4D on 3D and 2D platforms.

4D and its realities
It is assumed that in a four-dimensional system a three-dimensional image, for example, an image of a cube (or rather, a tetracube), can be the same as on a 2D platform (see below).

When moving the trapezoid, it takes the form of a cube, on the other hand, the cubes become trapezoidal. And if we connect the edges of the trapezoid with an imaginary straight line, a triangle form.
This means that triangles and squares play an important role in obtaining 4D images. The question then becomes: what happens when a triangle turns into a four-dimensional system? There are many hypotheses. We would like to clarify this confusion with our comments.
It turns out that when we convert a triangular pyramid to 4D, and when we describe the resulting figure in a three-dimensional system, we are faced with a rectangular pyramid.

In short, during the movement of the tetracube, the sides of the triangle (trapezoid) take the shape of a square. And when the pyramid moves, the sides of the rectangle turn into a triangle. That is, the side that we do not see disappears in the form of a square. Therefore, when we clarify 4D, we depict the same object inside each other.

As mentioned above, when moving from three-dimensional space to a three-dimensional system, the pyramid changes its triangular shape and turns into a rectangular one.
Oddly enough, the base of one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Egyptian pyramids, has a square shape. And the appearance of the structure is built in the form of a step. However, if you look closely at these steps, you can easily see several intertwined triangles.
Therefore, in our time, scientists carefully study the Egyptian pyramids and put forward many hypotheses. True, among them there are also fantastic versions related to cosmogenic theory. But there are theories about a parallel world. According to this theory and, according to physicists, time and space are infinite or do not exist in the fourth dimension (we will also study the philosophical and theological attitude of experts to this version - ed.).

According to NASA researchers, black and white holes discovered in the universe do not have a concept of time and space. There are also hypotheses that in a four-dimensional system using the folding method can overcome distances.
But on the other hand, we do not yet know how many measurement systems exist inside black and white holes in the universe. It may be like a 360-degree mechanism of measuring systems, or something else is completely different. Time will reveal the truth or scientific achievements of mankind.
In the end, the question arises, then is there a connection between sleep, shadow, “déjà vu”, that is, the process of repeating an event, with a parallel world and a multidimensional system? We will answer this question in our next articles.
Elnur Shahin


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