Топ-100 Ankara is expanding on all sides: after the S-400 to the Eurosam?

Ankara is expanding on all sides: after the S-400 to the Eurosam?

Ankara is expanding
Back in 2017, Moscow and Ankara entered into an agreement on the supply of Russian S-400s to Turkey.
After which the United States opposed the deal and began to threaten Turkey with sanctions for the acquisition of Russian weapons. However, the Turkish side did not refuse the contract.
In 2019, the first delivery of air defense systems was carried out in the amount of $ 2.5 billion.
We remind you that this anti-aircraft missile system will be able to hit aerodynamic and ballistic targets at ranges up to 600 km and covers an area within a radius of 400 km.

But it has recently become clear that Ankara intends to buy a second set of Russian missile systems. This was in an interview with NTV channel the head of the secretariat of the defense industry of the republic, Ismail Demir.
The parties may also deepen relations, since last week the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS) of the Russian Federation Dmitry Shugaev said that the Russian Federation was ready to discuss the participation of Ankara in the production of S-400,
It also became clear, despite the fact that Russian specialists will perform maintenance, but they will not have free access to missile systems. Such access will be available only to Turkish specialists and the Turkish Air Force. Of course, this is a sign that Turkey is committed to NATO.
Ankara will not stop there. According to Ismail Demir, Turkey is also interested in considering proposals for Patriot and Eurosam air defense systems.
At the expense Patriot, a mature solution has not yet been found.
But at Eurosam there are certain shifts with France and Italy.
Ankara has already fulfilled all its duties over this project and is waiting for its partners.


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