Топ-100 Greece begins a war with Turkey?

Greece begins a war with Turkey?

 Nikos Panayotopoulos
Recently, Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panayotopoulos said that his country is ready to defend its sovereignty and its borders in any way, even through military operations against Turkey. “Greece is ready to defend its sovereign rights, including military operations against Turkey,” said Greek Minister of Defense Nikos Panayotopoulos in an interview with Star.
Two days ago, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias also accused Turkey of violating the sovereign rights of another state and called Ankara’s actions a provocation.
The question is why is Athena so aggressive?
The fact is that Turkey recently decided to conduct oil and gas exploration on the shelf near Greece, based on the international law on neutral water.
We remind you that the previous decision of the Israeli-Cypriot-Greek “troika” prompted Ankara to take such a step.
Although official Ankara has not yet responded to this statement by the Greek Ministry of Defense, Turkish experts believe that the statement of the Greek military leader should be seen as an element of pressure on Ankara. In Turkey, the words of the Minister of Defense of Greece are not considered as preparation for full-scale military operations. Because we are talking about two NATO members. In this regard, the possibility of any armed conflict between Turkey and Greece is excluded.
Perhaps the world should beware, because such a practice already exists between these states since the time of the Cypriot War.
Recall that back in April, during a survey among Greeks, 44% of respondents said that a war with Turkey is possible, and they are ready for this.


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