Топ-100 The hegemony of the dollar as the main reserve currency in the world ends?

The hegemony of the dollar as the main reserve currency in the world ends?

The hegemony of the dollar as the main reserve currency in the world ends?
It is very difficult to give a definite answer to this fateful question. But a simple truth is known in American financial circles: the standard of living in the United States has declined significantly, and it is constantly losing its appeal.
In fact, the symptoms of this problem have been observed for a long time. But Bloomberg recently published a very interesting economic analysis. This analysis says, that only in the first quarter of 2020, household deposits in US banks in net national income fell by 1.4%. And this factor is mentioned as one of the main causes of deep inflation in the country.
To get out of this situation, that is, to maintain its hegemonic position in the world and the role of the dollar as the main financial instrument, the United States for some time tried to attract investment in the country, but to no avail.
The stern international measures imposed by the United States in relation to other countries that traded with dollars also failed. The result is clear to everyone.
Finally, the coronavirus ...
Although Covid-19 had a negative impact on the economic crisis in the country, but it played a positive role in improving the financial situation of the country. That is, during coronavirus psychosis, people spent literally all their savings stored under their pillows for a black day. In other words, the state, as it were, resorted to illegal "internal borrowing." This can also be understood as an incentive for financial shortness of breath.
And to be honest, this is not even a loan. This is the usurpation of capital that was in the hands of the population. With the help of this capital, the government can finance the existing budget deficit.
However, experts predict that even in this case, the US federal budget deficit in 2020 will be 17.9%, only in 2021 it will decrease to 9.8%.
Although experts in the United States associate the current situation with the wastrel policies of the Trump administration, in fact, the federal budget has been deficient since the 1980s. In other words, since that time, expenditures always exceed revenues.


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