Топ-100 The bombing of the city of Ganja did not save the panic among the Armenian military

The bombing of the city of Ganja did not save the panic among the Armenian military

Let's start with the fact that the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan announced the results of the act of vandalism committed by the Armenians today at 2 am in Ganja.

According to the prosecutor's office, 9 people were killed, including 4 women. 34 people were also injured, including 6 minors and 16 women.

30 houses and about 50 jobs were destroyed.

Presidential aide Hikmet Hajiyev called this act of vandalism genocide, a continuation of the Khojaly tragedy.

We remind you that the second largest city of Ganja is located far from the front line, and a missile strike on the civilian population was launched from the territory of Armenia.

 With this bloody act, the Armenians, on the one hand, sought to compensate for their defeat at the front, and on the other, to sow the seeds of panic and psychological fear among the Azerbaijani population. But the Armenians did not succeed, because, no matter how serious the consequences of the missile strikes were, the Azerbaijani people more and more confidently and firmly support their position, their soldiers and Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev.

Azerbaijani troops inflict a crushing blow on the positions of Armenia in the occupied territories. The Armenians are suffering heavy losses at the front. After that, the number of deserters in the Armenian armed forces increased rapidly. Before the onslaught of the Azerbaijani army, the Armenian military leave their positions and flee in hysterics.

According to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, the Armenian side actually violated the ceasefire regime, and all responsibility lies with the official Yerevan.


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