Топ-100 Armenia has committed another war crime

Armenia has committed another war crime

As you know, the third ceasefire was reached between Armenia and Azerbaijan through the mediation of US Secretary of State Pompeo.

Five minutes after the agreement, the Armenians began to violate the ceasefire.

Armenia continues to commit war crimes. The Armenian armed forces, repeatedly defeated on the battlefield, opened fire with cluster bombs "Smerch" at the civilian population in the city of Barda. As a result, 13 people were seriously injured, 4 died. Among the dead is a two-year-old girl.

Armenians commit crimes not only against Azerbaijanis, but also against their people. Despite the fact that Azerbaijan unilaterally handed over the corpses, the Armenian side refuses them.

The Armenians also left the 80-year-old man and woman and ran away. Although the Azerbaijani side is trying to extradite these people through Georgia, the Pashinyan regime does not want to receive them.

Azerbaijan continues to observe the ceasefire regime.

Another bloody crime committed by the Armenian armed forces on the eve of the meeting of the foreign ministers of the two countries with the mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs in Geneva, clearly testifies to Armenia's unwillingness to settle the conflict peacefully. Thus, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry condemned the criminal act of the Armenian military-political regime.


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