Топ-100 Armenia violates ceasefire

Armenia violates ceasefire

As you know, on October 9, a meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan was held in Moscow with the mediation of Russia.

During 11-hour talks, the parties agreed on a ceasefire on humanitarian grounds.

However, according to information received from the front, even during the meeting, the Armenians tried to disrupt the negotiation process. Immediately, the Azerbaijani army retaliated against the positions of the Armenian armed forces, which attacked both from the south and from the north of the front.

Today, at about 12 noon, the Armenians once again tried to violate the ceasefire and strike at the Azerbaijani positions. The Azerbaijani army immediately struck back. Despite the fact that there is an agreement on a ceasefire between the parties, at the moment there are battles on the front because of the provocation of Armenia. This fact is officially confirmed by both the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan.


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