Топ-100 Stop the Armenian terror!

Stop the Armenian terror!

Shame on international law!

Justice to the civilians of Azerbaijan!

The Khojaly genocide continues!

The Azerbaijani army, one after another, is achieving successes at the front. 4 occupied cities and more than 150 villages have already been liberated.

On October 26, a third humanitarian ceasefire was declared through the mediation of US Secretary of State Pompeo, which went into effect at 8:00. But the Armenians broke the truce already at 08.05.

After that, on October 27, in the Azerbaijani town of Barda, the Armenians fired at residential houses and civilians with Smerch rockets equipped with cluster bombs. As a result, 4 civilians were killed and 13 were seriously injured. Among the dead is a two-year-old girl.

Aisun, a 7-year-old girl wounded by cluster bombs, died in the hospital this morning.

But, today, at about two o'clock in the afternoon, the Armenians again opened rocket fire on the city of Barda. Armenian military with Smerch missiles hit the market. The prosecutor's office of the Republic of Azerbaijan stated that as a result of the Armenian crime, 20 civilians were killed and about 40 wounded.

It should be noted that after the first and second ceasefires, the Armenians committed a similar war crime. At that time, the city of Ganja came under rocket fire.

Armenia grossly violates the 1949 Geneva Convention and Additional Protocols, the UN Security Council resolution, but, unfortunately, the world community continues to remain silent about such war crimes and terrorist acts. And that means as support for terrorism!

Despite all this, the Azerbaijani side still adheres to the ceasefire.

P.S. According to the latest data, 21 people died from the missile strike.


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