Топ-100 What is Armenia paying for?

What is Armenia paying for?

Heats up passions around the Armenian-Azerbaijani war. In a sense, third-party countries also determine their position on this conflict. In fact, the world community either supports Azerbaijan, since this country liberates its territory from the Armenian occupation, or is silent in the face of the fact of Armenian aggression. Unfortunately, there are countries that even support terrorism and aggression represented by Armenians. An example of such a country is France.

For your information, do not forget that France is the co-chair of the Minsk troika. That is, official Paris had to observe its neutrality, for the sake of justice. However, apparently, French President E. Macron forgot about it.

So, what's the justice?

The truth is that there are four UN resolutions on the immediate liberation of the Azerbaijani lands occupied by Armenia. France also signed this document. That is, at one time Paris demanded that Armenia withdraw its armed forces from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. What happened then that the Elysee Court changed its position so dramatically?

Firstly, according to our analysis, the incident around the Mediterranean Sea is the reason for this unjust act by France. As you know, Paris in this region collided with Turkey and was forced to yield to Ankara. Thus, Macron wants to take revenge on Erdogan. And such "revenge" is carried out through the mediation of Pashinyan. That is, in this conflict, the military-political leadership of Armenia will play the French president's tune. That is why the Prime Minister of Armenia talks so much about Turkey, as if this country is more and more actively participating in hostilities.

On the other hand, of course, the Kremlin knows about all these provocations of Yerevan.

However, not only this circumstance is the reason for the preservation of Russia's neutrality in this conflict. There are many realities and, of course, serious reasons that could turn into a collapse for Russia. In short, Moscow is playing for the future. Since in the future the geopolitical reality in the region will change and the importance of Armenia for Russia will significantly decrease. We will talk about this in detail in our next analyzes.

Let's get back to the point. Thus, the UN resolution was not implemented by Armenia. It turns out that all political and diplomatic pressure was unsuccessful. If, of course, there was such pressure.

Having formulated all these facts, we can say that Armenia itself deliberately left the only option - the war, which he counted on and provoked for the sake of his insidious goals and the interests of such Western states as France. And also for the marginal benefit of the transnational elite in the person of Soros. Since, on the one hand, Yerevan wanted new lands, and on the other, under the onslaught of some Western forces, it fulfilled its task - to ignite a war between Russia and Turkey. But he failed. After all, Azerbaijan turned out to be a tough nut to crack both on the battlefield and at the diplomatic table, as well as with its own special services.

As for the front, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan continue to clear their lands from the aggressor, in whose ranks not only the personnel of Armenia, but also mercenaries and terrorists are fighting. 

Shahin Alioglu


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