Топ-100 What is the essence of Armenia's international crime?

What is the essence of Armenia's international crime?

The armed forces of Azerbaijan continue successful military operations against the Armenians on the front line. The territories occupied by Armenia, one after another, are liberated by the Azerbaijani army.

On October 4, the armed forces of Azerbaijan liberated the city of Gebrail and several villages.

Even before that, on October 3, several settlements and strategic heights in the northern and southern parts of Karabakh were liberated.

On the front line, defeated Armenia continues to fire rockets and artillery at the peaceful population of Azerbaijan.

This time, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, Ganja, was fired from the territory of Armenia with rockets prohibited by international law.

The question arises, why the Armenian military-political leadership goes to such a provocation, knowing that it is a war crime?

The fact is that drowned people always cling to straws. Apparently, this is the last way out of the situation for the rapidly retreating Armenians who continue to suffer defeats at the front.

So, what is this exit?

As previously reported, today Armenia attacked the city of Ganja of the Republic of Azerbaijan from its territory, firing at civilians of Azerbaijan with musket bombs and “Smerch” missiles. By this, Yerevan intends to force official Baku to take the wrong step. That is, Armenia expects an attack by Azerbaijani army units on the territory of Armenia. Thus, official Yerevan will have a reason to blame Baku. That is, it will be a violation by Azerbaijan of international law and the sovereign borders of Armenia. But the most important will be the requirement of the CSTO to intervene in the conflict.

However, it seems that Baku is aware of this insidious plan of the Armenians and, in accordance with the plan, continues the struggle for the liberation of the territories occupied by Armenia in Karabakh.

On the other hand, this does not mean that if Armenia continues bombing Azerbaijani settlements, Azerbaijan, in turn, will not destroy military facilities in Armenia.

The armed forces of Azerbaijan continue to clear the land of the Armenian military, as well as mercenaries and terrorists arriving from Syria and Lebanon.


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