Топ-100 Armenians don't stand peacefully, provocations continue

Armenians don't stand peacefully, provocations continue

Armenians continue to attack civilians with rockets and artillery shells.

Today, the Armenian armed forces fired from anti-aircraft installations and artillery guns at the villages of Gapanli, Askipara, Shikharkhi and other settlements of the Terter region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the Tovuz region, where international pipelines pass, which are far from the front.

At the same time, the Armenians are spreading "fake" news, allegedly phosphorus bombs are used in Azerbaijan. However, there are cases when Armenians burn the Shusha forests with phosphorus bombs. Thus, the Armenians are trying to create a thick cloud of smoke over the city of Shusha. The goal is to darken the vision and prevent the flight of Azerbaijani drones.

The Azerbaijani side is concerned that the Armenians will use these bombs against the civilian population in the future. Due to the patience of defeats at the front, the Armenians become more and more aggressive.

Recall that phosphorus bombs are known as white phosphorus. These bombs are as dangerous as firearms and create a dense fog for camouflage. It has a very negative effect on the respiratory apparatus, on the lungs, causing vomiting and suffocation.

These bombs have been banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention since 1997.


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