Топ-100 Azerbaijan flag flutters in Shusha

Azerbaijan flag flutters in Shusha

We inform that at night there were fierce battles for the city of Shusha. And by morning the city was liberated.

However, as always, the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia Artsrun Hovhannisyan is again deceiving all Armenians, saying nonsense that the battles are taking place near the city.

Nevertheless, in the continuation of his introduction, he refuted himself.

We quote Oganesyan:

Panic doesn't suit us. Our losses, retreats should not break us ... - said Artsrun Hovhannisyan.

The international press also confirms the fact of the liberation of the city of Shusha from the Armenian occupation. Among them are the pro-Armenian press “Le Monde” from France, “Sputnik” from Russia, etc.

No matter what they write, the truth is that beloved, hometown of Shusha has already been liberated!

After all, Nicole Pashinyan's dance in Shusha has not been forgotten! However, he forgot that laughs the one who laughs last! Today the Azerbaijani people are dancing and this is a well-deserved dance! All over Azerbaijan people are rejoicing!

Long live the Azerbaijani army!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

We remind you that Shusha is located 11 km from Khankendi.Напоминаем, что 


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