Топ-100 Fights are going on around the town of Shusha.

Fights are going on around the town of Shusha.

Alexander Kharchenko, a war correspondent known for his pro-Armenian stance, reports that the situation in Shusha is tense.

Quote Kharchenko:

- I will not dissemble, the situation here is not easy.

On this shoot, it is impossible not to see the physically and psychologically exhausted Armenian military. Their body language clearly demonstrates this.

The plot also shows that the Armenians brought a significant part of their reserves to Shusha. However, the situation for Armenians remains tense.

Armenian officials, trying to protect the psychological state of their soldiers, are spreading rumors that Ohanyan is alive.

Despite the fake news spread by the Armenian propaganda machine, the truth is that today the Azerbaijani army has already liberated two villages of the Khojaly region.

The armed forces of Azerbaijan also liberated two villages in Khojavend from the enemy occupation.

In addition, today 6 villages of Fizuli, 2 villages of Jebrail, 3 villages of Gubadli and 1 village of Zangilan were liberated from the Armenian occupation.


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