Топ-100 Is Armenia opening a new front?

Is Armenia opening a new front?

The sovereign state border of Azerbaijan recognized by the UN is being violated ...

Since November 5, the Armenian armed forces have been firing at the military units of the Azerbaijani cities of Tovuz, Kedabek and Dashkesan from the territory of Berd, Chemberk and Vardenis.

It should be noted that this region is far from the Karabakh front. The question arises, why is Armenia trying to expand the scale of the war and openly violating the sovereign borders of Azerbaijan, recognized by the UN?

The fact is that the Azerbaijani army is rapidly advancing in Karabakh, and the process of liberating the occupied territories continues successfully. The ancient Azerbaijani city of Shusha (formerly Panakhabad - ed.) Already feels the breath of the Azerbaijani army. Therefore, the Armenians, even having violated the sovereign border of Azerbaijan, recognized by the UN, allegedly try to divide this force by launching artillery strikes from Armenia on the territory of Azerbaijan.

On the other hand, in Armenia there is still hope for old tales. That is, official Yerevan hopes that Azerbaijan will adequately respond to such provocative actions of Armenia, and this will allow the CSTO and Russia to carry out military intervention in the region.

However, there is one more truth that Pashinyan's regime misses in its understanding. The fact is that, perhaps, Baku retains restraint at this stage of the war in Karabakh, but in the future the Armenians may face a tough position of Azerbaijan. If only because Azerbaijan will have to defend its sovereign borders recognized by the UN. Then Azerbaijan's response on the basis of international law will not mean aggression on the territory of Armenia.

Moreover, it is very doubtful that the CSTO member states will immediately intervene in this process. Since state restraint will force them to analyze and study the real situation in the region, after which it becomes clear what they will say to Armenia, no!

And, in the end, let's say Russia wants to intervene in this conflict. But for Moscow it will be a serious cataclysm. Why would the Kremlin risk its fate over a dwarf Armenia or join the long-planned game of the West?

In this sense, it is not too late. Armenia must change its mind. Otherwise, nothing good awaits her. After all, Yerevan was once warned about Karabakh, but, alas, did not listen! 


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