Топ-100 Is Moscow cheating Baku?

Is Moscow cheating Baku?

Or the diplomacy of compulsion...

Or the diplomacy of compulsion...

The United Arab Emirates will sell 300 tanks to Armenia.

Ukraine, in fact, believes that the whole process is under the control of Russia, Putin personally. It is noted that such a joint decision was made during Lukashenko's visit to Moscow after the scandalous election process.

Under the agreement, Belarus will sell 450 tanks to the United Arab Emirates. 150 of them will remain in the Emirate, and the remaining 300 will be sold to Armenia at a reasonable price.

Thus, on the one hand, "Old Man" will partially pay off its debt to the Kremlin, and on the other hand, Russia will maintain a neutral image in the eyes of Azerbaijan.

The agreements signed between Belarus and the UAE in 2016-2019 allowed Moscow to take such a step.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), in 2017 alone, arms exports to Belarus exceeded one billion dollars. Vietnam, China and Sudan are the main buyers. The UAE was recently added to this list.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan is also one of the customers of the Belarusian defense industry. In general, Minsk sells military products to 69 countries of the world.

As for Moscow, Baku says it believes in the Kremlin's neutrality. Who knows, maybe it's the diplomacy of compulsion?!


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