Топ-100 What truths are not known in Armenia?

What truths are not known in Armenia?

As a result of polls conducted through social networks, it turned out that in Armenia, some facts, a number of truths are either distorted or hidden from people.

For example, in Armenia they believe that Azerbaijan started the war. However, the truth is that on September 27, in response to the attack of the Armenian armed forces, the Azerbaijani army launched a counterattack.

It is also unknown that the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has always insulted the pride of the Azerbaijani people with his statements and actions. Therefore, this time Azerbaijan reacted harshly to the attacks of Armenia.

The question arises, with what statements and actions could Pashinyan offend the honor of the Azerbaijani people?

Nikolai Pashinyan's statements "Karabakh is Armenia and point", then "We will move the capital to Shusha", "We will move the Lebanese Armenians to Karabakh" caused serious irritation among the Azerbaijani people.

Another lie is that mercenaries from Syria and Lebanon, and not Azerbaijani soldiers, are allegedly fighting against Armenia. In fact, this is not the case.

Azerbaijan has been preparing for this war for 27 years. Because the Azerbaijani people have never put up with the occupation of their lands. They always believed that the battle was lost, not the war.

It should be borne in mind that full mobilization has been announced in Armenia, and partial mobilization in Azerbaijan, that is, about 20-30%. Because this is not necessary. In addition, in Armenia people refuse to go to war, and in Azerbaijan they line up in line for the war.

Armenians must understand;

firstly, Azerbaijanis are fighting for their lands,

secondly, other countries will not fight for Armenia.

The Armenians do not know that by the 30th day of the war, the Azerbaijani army liberated 4 regions, more than 200 villages and many strategic heights. That is, the south of Karabakh is completely freed from occupation and is under the control of Azerbaijan. Control over the state border with Iran was restored.

In Armenia, they do not know that according to the report of international organizations for 2016, the Azerbaijani army ranks 28th. And in four years the power of the Azerbaijani army has increased tenfold.

Then the question arises, why does Azerbaijan need mercenaries if it has such power?

Do not forget that when Europe was shaken by the power of the S-300, the Azerbaijani army easily destroyed this weapon.

Finally, in Armenia they hide the truth that more than 70% of the special forces, which are considered the backbone of the Armenian armed forces, have already been destroyed or taken prisoner.

To find out the truth, just read the international media. Save your children, otherwise they will die, whoever has a weapon in their hands has no chance of survival.

Shahin Alioglu


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