Топ-100 Why are Armenians afraid, but also still want to fight

Why are Armenians afraid, but also still want to fight

Who needs a sequel?

Who needs a sequel?

Over time, the entire world press begins to recognize the facts that the mercenaries from the Armenian side fought against Azerbaijan.

On November 27, an employee of RIA Novosti was in Khankendi.

The article clearly shows that the task of the correspondent is to save the honor of Russia. From the lips of the Armenian militants, a message is transmitted that Pashinyan allegedly accepted Moscow's help at the wrong time. Allegedly, modern Russian weapons were not used in this war, and so on.

But there are other interesting facts as well.

Citizens of Russia, France, Croatia and other countries in the trenches of the second Karabakh war, side by side with the Armenians, fought against Azerbaijan.Among the fighters there are also veterans of the first war. But now, when the war in the region has died down, they are walking in groups in the center of Khankendi. When asked why they do not go home, they succinctly answer: "We are waiting for the continuation" - it is written in this article.

All volunteers as one assert that it was the UAVs purchased from Turkey and Israel that gave the Azerbaijani troops a decisive advantage. They are not visible, not heard, and there is no salvation from them. If the drone is aiming, there is no chance. They give themselves away with a terrible buzz and remain for a few seconds to be sheltered.

This is not the only fact about the warlike mood of the Armenians. In Khojavendi, the armed Armenian detachments are not going to lay down their arms. The strange thing is that the Russian peacekeepers are too lenient with them.

On the other hand, Armenian engineers are also diligently preparing for war. Arman Khachatryan, director of the Lokator military engineering company, has publicly stated that they themselves want to solve the problem without the help of the state. 

In a word, there is itching in Armenia again...


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