Топ-100 Incredible, but the process has begun

Incredible, but the process has begun

What brings Russia closer to the West on the Karabakh issue?

What brings Russia closer to the West on the Karabakh issue?

Recently it became clear that representatives of three centers of the Armenian Diaspora gathered in Canada. The meeting was attended by delegates from the Middle East, Europe (mainly from Greece) and America.

The purpose of the meeting is military revenge in Karabakh and to prevent the strengthening of Russia in Armenia.

It also became known that the Kremlin is not sitting idly by either.

It is incredible, but in politics, apparently, anything is possible.

The pro-Armenian group in Moscow intends to create an autonomous territory for the Armenians living in Rostov, Krasnodar, Stavrapol and Sochi, as well as on the outskirts. Even in the future, they may recognize the independence of this structure.

If all this is true, on the one hand, it is very stupid, because the North Caucasus is located between the South Caucasus and this structure. But on the other hand, the initiators probably took this reality into account, and in the future Azerbaijan will have to fight not only with Armenia in the west, but also with the “new Armenia” in the north.

By the way, Georgians should think about this, and we should not forget about Georgia. And what will happen to Ukraine and Moldova, the future will show...


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